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Dr. Marcel Lamoureux is an internationally known political scientist, philosopher, author and speaker. He is the director of the Global Social Science Research Institute (GSSRI).


Dr. Lamoureux holds a Ph.D. in political science and political philosophy from Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland; a master’s in management from Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, and a bachelor’s in philosophy from Wadhams Hall College, Ogdensburg, New York. He is continuing studies in continental philosophy at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Dr. Lamoureux served as an external academic advisor at Vermont College, Norwich University.


Dr. Lamoureux’s research interests and contributions include the investigation of the underlying philosophy and political causality of extreme poverty and social inequality.


Dr. Lamoureux’s research specializations:


• Causality theory, inclusive of causal mechanisms and causal paths in public policy formulation, change, direction of change, and outcome

• Complexity theory

• Philosophy and political studies of inequality and extreme poverty

• Ethics, theoretical and praxis, e.g., human rights

• Logic and Analytics

• Public policy learning theory


Dr. Lamoureux has written numerous articles and spoken about social justice, and crucial pathways to life betterment. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and devotes his time to teaching, working with people on an individual basis, or at seminars to enable effective change in people’s lives. He lives with his wife and six-year-old son in Florida.


Recent papers:


Lamoureux, M., (2018) Marxism as an Ideology or Science? Seen Through the Lens of a Philosophy of Liberation. Paper presented at the Political Studies Association (PSA) 68th Annual International Conference, 26 - 28 March 2018, Cardiff City Hall and the Law & Politics Building, Cardiff University, UK #PSA18 (Via Skype). Panel: “Politics of Our Times: Asking the Difficult Questions, Routes to Socialism 2: Understanding Marx; Utopian Socialism: Co-Operatives; The British Road to Socialism”.


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